Saturday, 19 June 2010

oto gig of note

    Interesting night of improvised music coming up on Monday 28th June at Cafe Oto, Dalston organised by my friend Jamie Coleman, a musician closely involved with the prestigious workshop run by Eddie Prevost from whose membership the players in this performance are drawn.
     Jamie gets a positive if slightly bizarre mention in the editorial to the new issue of The Wire magazine for his 'deeply sensual' playing at a recent 'Freedom of the City' performance. This was clearly a placatory gesture to the Improv community after a review from David Keenan in the previous Wire which brashly accused the genre of being sexless, unadventurous and basically nerdy.
   The fact that Jamie is about to get married in August might explain his brazenly-phallic, Keenan-bashing trumpeteering, although rumours that he plans to spike all his guests' drinks with Viagra at the Oto gig just to ensure it's the sexiest Improv night ever might well be unfounded.
   Fascinating interview with Kevin Martin in this new Wire - creator of two of the vividest albums of the last few years: London Zoo by The Bug and Waiting for You by King Midas Sound -  although until reading this I didnt realise Martin  had also edited some of my favourite compilations from the 90's such as MacroDub Infection, Jazz Satellites and Isolationalism.


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