Thursday, 31 March 2011


Just taken receipt of The Wolf 24 with both a poem and a Geoffrey Hill review of mine inside. I'm delighted to find myself included amid a uniformly strong edition and in the context of poets of the calibre of Charles Simic, John Kinsella and Philip Gross.
   To me The Wolf remains the one contemporary poetry magazine (to paraphrase Pound) genuinely in key with its time, in terms of its inquisitive internationalism, its shrewd political awareness/wariness and its non-partisan acuity towards quality poetry.
     In a week where we've seen how Coalition cuts will mean whole poetry bodies (such as the PBS and Arc Publishing) are set to lose their funding, its emboldening to see how The Wolf has not allowed the loss of its Arts Council funding last year to effect its integrity or standards.
   To get hold of The Wolf 24 check out the website:

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