Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Launching Off

The launch of Human Form is tomorrow night at The Bell on Middlesex Street, just near Spitalfields Market. It's a joint event also featuring The Shipwrecked House, the startling debut volume by Claire Trevien: http://www.pennedinthemargins.co.uk/index.php/2013/02/the-shipwrecked-house-human-form/

Here's a poem of Claire's to draw you in:
After Rimbaud’s ‘Roman’

You can’t be serious when you’re twenty-one —
the evenings flare, a rolled joint behind your ear,
drunk on Wednesdays, university veteran!
You talk in your backyard of us all being queer.

The weed smells great on those June afternoons!
So sweet you could sleep through any exam;
the wind carries laughs, it’s humming a tune
older than you, Johnny Wright’s Hello Vietnam.

The sky is all yours, you spy it through brambles
palpitating like grass you would like to caress…
You think the answer’s there to be unscrambled
if only the stars stopped changing their 
June nights! Twenty-one! Easy to be wasted.
The cheapest wine is as good as any champagne…
You ramble on about the Bourdieu you tasted,
your lips crumple like a Communist campaign.
You bildungsroman through books until
you spot a leading lady perched on a stool,
with the 
fruit machine lights pulsing her still
face red, green and blue. You think of Kabul.

She calls you a kid when you 
try to explain
— as her long nails trot gamely on the board —
why you are superior to her boyfriend,
but she leaves with her glass, looking bored.
You are in love: rented until August!
You are in love. She finds your poems laughable.
Your friends leave, your laundry starts to encrust
when at last, she responds to your madrigal!

That evening, you stroll out in the sun,
you order a kiss or a ginger beer;
you can’t be serious when you’re twenty-one
and there are summer evenings to premiere.

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